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See the Total Solar Eclipse, April 20, 2023!
Bali, Flores & E. Timor
April 9-23, 2023

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Dear Friends:
We invite you to join us for a fascinating exploration of the scenic islands of Bali and Flores in Indonesia and the new island nation of East Timor, a short flight to the east, including the Total Solar Eclipse April 20, 2023. Our adventure will begin in the legendary charm of Bali where we will explore iconic landscapes and cultural sites.

Discover the Tropical Splendor of Bali - E Timor & the Total Solar Eclipse!

We will then fly to the island of Flores, home to one of
the most unique animals in Asia, the renowned Komodo dragons. We will hike in Komodo National Park in search of these magnificent monitor lizards and snorkel in the dazzling marine waters. Our adventure will include three days sailing on traditional Indonesian vessels.

A short flight will take us to the youngest nation in Asia,
East Timor (Timor-Leste), once a Portuguese colony, and an independent nation since 2002. Here we will explore the capital Dili and adventure to the north end of the island to see the Total Solar Eclipse!

Throughout our journey we will have leadership by an
excellent Betchart naturalist. We hope you’ll join us!


$5,995 plus air.

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