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Machu Picchu



Sun Temple
The Sun Temple at Summer Solstice. Photo courtesy of Dr. Steven R. Gullberg



This year, travel with The Planetary Society as we explore:
Discover archaeological sites & Inca astronomy
September 27-October 4, 2020
November 20-27, 2020

Dear Friends:
We invite you to join us and discover the fantastic Inca world of Peru!
Map of Peru

Seeing Machu Picchu and exploring the extraordinary cultural and archaeological wonders of Peru is certainly a lifetime experience. We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to go there.

With leadership by excellent Peru guides, you will visit the heart of the Inca Empire at Cusco and explore spectacular landscapes of the Andes.

See the crown jewel of archaeology in the Americas, Machu Picchu, plus the Inca sites of Maras and Moray, and Sacsayhuaman near Cusco.

Learn about the fascinating Inca relationship to the Sun and the Milky Way, and designs of buildings to capture the first rays of the Summer Solstice sun!

The intricate stone architecture of the Incas is breathtaking, as are the llamas, and colorful weavings.

Discover the village of Chinchero, surrounded by high Andean peaks, and enjoy a festive folkloric show and dinner in Cuzco! We hope you will join this trip of a lifetime!


Bill Nye
The Science Guy®

$2,995+ air fare

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